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Elementary Minors Rules

Elementary Minors Rules

  • General Game/League Info

    • The goal of the Elementary Minors Division is for the players to learn the basic rules, skills and techniques while having fun.  Confidence, teamwork, and fair play are core skills that all coaches should focus on.

    • Teams must have at least 7 players.  

    • Regulation game will be 5 innings.  

    • There will be a 5 run rule for all innings except the final inning (5th inning or mutually agreed last inning due to time constraints).  Once the 5th run of an inning has been scored and play complete, teams will switch.

    • No top of an inning will start more than 1 hour and 30 minutes after the first pitch of the game on a weeknight and no game will last longer than 2 hours.

    • Unless injured, no player can sit out more than one inning in a row and all players must play at least one inning in the infield in the first 3 innings

    • Coach of fielding team will be behind catcher and act as umpire/help with proper batting skills/passed balls to keep the pace of play moving

  • Equipment

    • Fielding masks must be worn by fielders at pitcher and third base.  We encourage them to be worn by all other fielders.

    • Catchers should have their equipment on and ready to go if they are not hitting or on base and must wear all equipment (helmet, chest protector, shin guards, and glove)

    • All players must wear a batting helmet with safety mask while at bat, on deck, running the bases, or coaching bases

    • No jewelry of any kind is to be worn by players.  Earrings may be covered by tape or bandages.

    • Teams will use 11 inch official ASA softballs

    • Only official softball bats are permitted

    • No metal cleats are allowed

  • Pitching

    • Coach will pitch to own players from 25 feet

    • At bat will continue until one of three outcomes: a batted ball in play, a walk after 4 balls or strikeout at 3 strikes

    • Only swinging strikes and foul balls will count towards strike count

  • Batting

    • Base paths will be 45 feet

    • No bunting

    • No steals

    • We will use a continuous batting order

    • Baserunners must wait for the ball to be hit to leave the base 

  • Fielding

    • Teams can have 10 players in the field: pitcher (to the left or right of coach), catcher, 4 infielders at normal positions, 4 outfielders

    • On an overthrow to a base, players cannot advance to the next base 

  • Other

    • This league promotes positive play.  Anyone at the field (coaches, players and team followers) is prohibited from harassing any individual player or umpire verbally or physically (all players and parents have signed Code of Ethics Form from City of Beverly which prohibits these actions). Chanting in unison against your opponent is not allowed, only positive chanting for your team is allowed. SWING is not to be said by the catcher or any other person during the actual pitch.