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Player Evaluations


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, March 30, 2018

Clinic dates and times.

Player Evaluations

We will be evaluating players while they participate in the March 31st clinic. Player evaluations are for players new to the league and 1st year players in the 10U, 12U and senior division. If your daughter needs to be evaluated please come a few minutes early to the clinic so we can give her a bib number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group my daughter should be in?

The cut off age for each league is September 1st of 2017. Determine how old your daughter was last September 1st and that's the age we use. For example, if your daughter was born on 3/22/05, she would be 12 on 9/1/17 and should be in the 12U league. If you daughter was born on 9/22/07 she would be 9 on 9/1/17 and should be in the 10U league. The September 1st date matches the school cut off age and allows girls in the same grade to play together.

Can my daughter play up a level?

We do allow girls tryout to play at an age group above their level, but we require them to attend evaluations. The league will determine if a girl who is not age eligible can move up. We will notify the family after the evaluations. If they are not at a skill level to move up they will return to their previous team.

Who needs to be evaluated?

Girls that are playing for the first time in either the 10U, 12U or Senior division. This includes girls moving up from one division to another or girls new to the league in these divisions. Evaluation we be held during the March 31st clinic.

Will all the girls make a team?

All girls that are in their correct age group will be assigned to a team after evaluations. We use the evaluations to make the teams as even as possible. If a girl is attempting to play up one division, the league will determine during tryouts if they are at the correct talent level to play up. For example, a girl that was 10 years old on 9/1/16 who wants to play in the 12U division will be evaluated by the league at tryouts. If the league determines her talent level is better suited for the 10U division, she will remain in that division and her parents will be notified.

My daughter can't make evaluations, what happens?

If a girl cannot make evaluations and they are registered for the correct age group, she will still be assigned to a team. If a girl is trying out for a division above their age, they need to be at the tryouts or they will be assigned to a team in their correct age division.

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