8U League Rules

Published by Lenore Gambale
Jun 28, 2018

Base Paths should be set at 50'. Fielding: Use a standard infield with the pitcher standing next to the coach pitching. All remaining players can be in the outfield. Try and keep the infielders in their proper positions so they can get used to the long throws across the infield. 
Batting: Coaches pitch to their own players.

Season Progression:
Week 1 - Games 1 & 2
Bat the side, 1/2 inning ends once the last batter has had her ups
  • Allow balls and passed strikes
  • Call swung at strikes against the count
  • Call foul balls against the count as strikes
  • 3 strikes = 1 out = batter to the bench
  • Make the defensive play regardless of the outcome
  • Out at base = out = runner to the bench
  • Three outs will NOT end the inning for Games 1 & 2
Week 2 - Games 3 & 4
Start field positions - 10 defensive players (or less if your roster is smaller)
Have a clear position grid; rotating IF and OF
Discontinue batting the side 
Create a continuous batting order

  • Three outs WILL end the inning for Games 3 & 4 and moving forward
  • Hits earn deserving bases: single = 1 base; double = 2 bases
Week 3 - Games 5 & 6
  • START KID PITCH    4 Pitches then coach takes over
Week 4+ Games 7-14

Continue Week 2 Standard through the end of the season