8U League Rules

Base Paths should be set at 50'. Fielding: Use a standard infield with the pitcher standing next to the coach pitching. All remaining players can be in the outfield. Try and keep the infielders in their proper positions so they can get used to the long throws across the infield. Batting: Coaches pitch to their own players. There are no called balls or strikes. Swinging strikes, swings and misses or foul balls, are recorded as strikes. If a batter swings and misses on the third strike, they are out.

  • For the first seven games of the season we'll use the following rules: Each team will bat through the entire line up and then switch sides. If a player is out they'll leave the bases.
  • For the second seven games of the season. The innings will be played as a regular softball game.
  • Coaches will continue to pitch
  • Innings end when the fielding team records three outs or the hitting team has batted all players.